Silver Shower Cleansing Qigong Meditation

The Silver Shower Cleansing Qigong Meditation is a cleansing, healing relaxation meditation.

Before antibiotics were introduced, colloidal silver was known and used widely in China as a natural antibiotic. It is still used by many as a very effective, although rather expensive medicine. The Silver Shower Cleansing Qigong Meditation was introduced as an alternative to colloidal silver. When practiced regularly it can take the form of a preventative and curative for infection, which cleanses and heals the internal parts of your body, skin and aura.

Once the meditation has been practiced regularly for at least 3 weeks (21 times), the process will have been integrated. Then a shortcut can be used. Simply reach up and 'pull the chain' (like on an old toilet!) and the process will happen 'automatically'. Later still it is possible to simply imagine the pulling of the chain and the process will occur.

This can also be a very useful tool if you have been affected by someone's anger, pain, fear or by a general situation such as a tight work deadline or studying for exams, leaving you feel stressed and fatigued. Doing the Silver Shower Cleansing Qigong Meditation or 'pulling the chain' later, can cleanse the situation from your body, mind and spirit.

To begin, move into Qi Awareness, a simple technique which is performed anytime during the day to be present with oneself, or it is performed at the beginning of any Qigong Practice.

Step 1 - Move into Qi Awareness

Step 2 - Perform the Silver Shower Cleansing Qigong Meditation


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